Midterm Study Guide

Ancient Greek Philosophy

Fall Semester 2022

Study Guide for the midterm.

Please note!!!  This guide is NOT intended to be exhaustive.  In other words, it does not claim to cover everything that might appear on the test.  Rather, it should give you some examples of the kinds of things you should direct your attention to when preparing for the test.

If you have any questions, please e mail.

You should, among other things, be familiar with:

–important Greek terms, e.g.,






–central doctrines of the presocratics, including ability to name the arche of the philosopher

be able to explain briefly and clearly central concepts and arguments in Plato, e.g., the following:

form, being and becoming





Socratic/Platonic conception of virtue

Socratic proportion

Requirements for definition (Euthyphro)

knowledge and opinion

theory of forms and arguments supporting it

divided line in the Republic

the cave

arguments for immortality of the soul in the Phaedo

argument against the claim that sophistry is an art (techne) in the Gorgias 

arguments for and against identification of the good with pleasure in the Gorgias

definitions of love in the Symposium

ladder of love in the Symposium

conception of forms in the Symposium